Your Club’s Board has decided that your club needs a 5 year strategic plan, a roadmap for the future of your Club – Strong Club, Large club, Small club, Struggling club—a 5 year strategic plan will move your club forward.

Where do you start?

Start with setting the end goals.The Visioning Team can help your Club with the facilitation of that process.

Getting started is simple.Contact the Facilitation Coordinator and negotiate a date.There is no cost to the Club for the facilitation.

Once you contact the Facilitation Coordinator, you will be asked to find a location, provide a simple meal (no alcohol please), provide some basic supplies and guarantee a minimum number of attendees (15-20 minimum). The process in not effective without a good representation of members involved in the decision making process.

The sessions are held on a weeknight, from 5pm to 9pm.Attendees are asked to stay the entire time as there is a purpose to the full process.

The reviews have been unfailingly and enthusiastically positive from the many clubs of District 5160 that have gone through the process, .

To get Your Club on the Visioning Calendar, contact PDG Candy Pierce at .The first step is to set a date.We’ll guide you from there.

Congratulations.Your Rotary Club will thank you.