Please visit our Public Outreach Web Site at:

(Links to Downloads of PR Materials)

PR Manuals, Pamphlets, Calendar, and PR Power Point:

Bill Randall’s One Page PR Status Summary for District 5160

Edi’s Easy Does It Stuff – great, practical how to’s for you!

Tell Rotary’s Story – super new PR booklet from RI on how to do just that!

RI Club PR Overview Page – how to run your club PR program and the resources you need to do it!

Effective Public Relations-A Guide for Rotary Clubs – the easiest, most effective manual we have on PR!

D5160-2009-Club Public Relations Manual.pdf – a complete how-to on PR writing, campaign design, excellent but lengthy.

RI Club Public Relations Committee Manual 226c.pdf – the official and dense RI PR Committee Manual.

New Rotary Basics Pamphlet Online Media Version the best single pamphlet about Rotary!

Be a Vibrant Club RI Manual – is the best manual on how to organize/run your club most effectively!

2011-district-5160-club-pr-packets-PDF– with info on custom club brochures, posters, banners, Rotarian sticky labels, video camera, and a summary of our recently RI approved PR Grant/Campaign for 2011-12 and our ideas for the 2012-13 PR Grant!

Custom Club Brochure Template – use this template to design your custom brochure for your Rotary Club!

Custom Avery #5163  2″ x 4″  artwork for rotary-magazine-sticky label to make your own Rotarian Magazine sticky address cover labels!

Yearlong Club PR Activities Ideas/Suggestions Calendar – March to March suggestions for PR all year!

Humanity in Motion and RI Official PR Materials:


Short, informative RI video about using Humanity in Motion materials kit for club PR tasks and projects.

RI New Media Web Site , News/Features Site andMember News Site  with links on bottom of pages to explore.

Rotary Brand Center for images, logos, ad materials, etc. – the official graphics!

Sign up page for PR tips newsletter to stay connected with RI PR’s newest ideas and crazes!

RI Media and Newsletters you can subscribe to!

Online Rotary Publications Catalog – chock full of good stuff!

Social Media, Sound Bytes, Podcasts, Blogs, and Video:

RI Diving Into Social Media page for those ready to take the plunge!

Official RI Social Media page loaded with lots of social media info and ideas!

Webinars sign up page.  Check upcoming dates and topics here!

RandallsRotaryRants blog site where you can read the latest blogs from 5160 PR Chair Bill Randall!

District 5160 Clubs Information:

Listing of Clubs – Find local clubs and click on each club to visit their website!

PR Contact Information:

Please direct your Public Relations inquiry to
Bill Randall, District 5160 Public Relations Leader
Rotary Club of Alamo

We are one of the very few Rotary Districts to have a funded 3 year District PR Grant!  (Although RI will honor our complete 3 year grant cycle, there will be NO NEW PR GRANTS for North America this year!)  We are in our third year of wrapping our vehicles for Rotary!  Please watch for these and let your friends know how PROUD YOU ARE TO BE A ROTARIAN!!!  Bring a prospective member to a meeting!  Share Rotary with your friends!  Maybe you’d like a vehicle wrap yourself or maybe you know someone who does?  Please contact PR Co-Chair Bill Randall and we’ll “git ‘er done”!