Caricature of Fred Collignon, by noted Berkeley artist, Stan Washburn

Caricature of Fred Collignon, by noted Berkeley artist, Stan Washburn

As of today, January 29, our upcoming District Conference is a sell-out! We’re at maximum capacity for meal seating at our “Summer of Love” Celebration, March 25-26 in Berkeley. Beginning today, you will find only Wait List registration available.

Does that mean you can’t attend? No! The maximum refers to the number of meals served in the plenary sessions. More about that later. Right now, I urge you to register on the Wait List. Right now, we expect at least for first 100 from the Wait List will be registered, and possibly more. We’ll register you as cancellations are received, with priority given to those who have paid.

For clubs who have pledged scholarships to your youth program leaders, it’s so important to get that money in to Valerie Munoz, the Registrar. Those places are being held, based on the pledges given the youth groups.

Although the meal seating at the plenary sessions is limited, a couple solutions are being explored. We are trying to expand the maximum seating, and, we are creating an area where late registrants and walkups can listen to and hopefully see the speakers during those plenary session. There are more than 40 restaurants within 2 blocks of the conference site, including almost every ethnic food conceivable. Joan and I counted them last night.

And there’s plenty to do and learn at the conference even if you can’t take your meal in the plenary sessions. There are 4+ breakout periods Saturday, each offering 5 or more breakout options. There are additional speakers in an auditorium reserved in a building nearby. There is the Friday night 60’s theme Summer of Love party with live music, the Friday fun events, the service projects, the wine reception for our Paul Harris Society members, Major Donors and the PDGs. There’s the beer blast Saturday after the breakouts.

How do you register and get your name on the Wait List? CLICK HERE to request an EZ Link by return email.

For more conference information, CLICK HERE to visit  our District Website.

Get your name on the Wait List, and don’t miss out!

Fred Collignon

District Governor