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January 2013 Bulletin



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Governor Laura’s January message




Welcome to the Second Half of the show.  Hoping your half time entertainment was great—and that you enjoyed the Holiday times with family and friends. Like these Proud Rotarians:


Grape Stomp Winning Team

This motley crew will tell you, one way to stay awake, alive and aware is to be a member of Rotary.  Everywhere you turn there is something to learn, to enjoy, to experience.  There are friends to make and friends to keep. There is work to be done and fun to be had.


Looking for some good Rotary Fun, just look at the Club calendars for January and beyond:


Hercules Crab Feed – Jan 5

Anderson Crab Feed – Jan 12

Orinda Crab Feed – Jan 12

Durham Crab Feed – Jan 26

Walnut Creek Crab Feed – Jan 26

Richmond Crab Feed – Feb 2

Paradise Crab Feed – Feb 2

Fab 5 Interclub Meeting –Feb 6

Burney’s Pirates of the Caribbean – Feb 9

Davis’ Big Night – Feb 9

Orinda~Sparks Rotary Group Aboard the Reno Snow Train – Feb 12-14

Dixon Crab Feed – Feb 23

Clayton Valley and San Felipe Cancer Walk – Feb 23

Weaverville Chinese New Year Celebration – Mar 9

Danville Crab Feed — March 16

Moraga’s Night at the Races –Mar 16

Cordelia’s Spring Extravaganza –Mar 16

Pleasant Hill St. Patrick’s Day – Mar 16

Anderson’s Wild Game Feed – Mar 16

Benicia Casino Night – Mar 30

Capay Valley Poker Run – Apr 6

Redding Sunset Non Salmon, Salmon BBQ – Apr 13

Weaverville Celebrates 75th Birthday – Apr 20

Rotarians at Work Day — April 27

Vacaville’s Turtle Title Wave – May 4

Danville-Sycamore’s Blackhawk Film Food and Wine Festival – May 9

Davis BBQ – May 18

Vacaville Sunrise Run – May 18

Danville Open Golf Tournament — June 3

Mt Shasta Century bicycle Ride – Jun 8


**********Send your Calendar News to news@rotary5160.org for public posting!***********


Well, if that doesn’t make you proud to be a Rotarian…..perhaps this will:

Thank you Don and Becky Jenkins


- This is a reminder that we have a lot yet to do this year.  

- There are Club Funds to raise, New Members to Induct, and Community needs that call our name 

- We’ve got Campers to find, Members to thank, Grants to complete.  

- A new Club forming, a new Rotaract club too. 

- Kenya really does Smile as we are nearly at our fundraising goal of $40,000, raising it $10 at a time. 

- Our Rotary Foundation needs us, there are many donations yet to make. 

- There is Polio to eradicate, we aren’t giving up. 

- And Internationally, we have Peace on our minds.   Nothing is too big for Rotarians.


 I want to say Way To Go to 71 special men and women—Our Club Presidents.  As I said last July at your installation celebration—YOU are the stars of this show.  And kudos to your leadership teams and membership for how you welcomed us to your Clubs for that annual visit from the Governor. We learned, we laughed, cried a little, we ate a lot, we hugged and we high fived for all that you are doing.  The Assistant Governors, Cecil and I cannot put into words our impressions of your mighty Clubs.  Bravo! 


And a special wish comes from all D5160 Governors Past and Future:

To all of you, our Dear Rotary Friends, we wish you the Happiest New Year!


 We Thank You ! 


Laura Day
District Governor, 2012-13
Rotary International, District 5160

Send Rotary News to news@rotary5160.org
Find us at
www.rotary5160.org, Facebook Rotary District 5160 and Twitter


The District Buzz! BACK TO TOP

Draft 2013/14 District Grant Policy Available for Review until Feb 5               

Read it at the District Website Please submit comments in writing before Feb 5 to 2013 Foundation Chair Karl Diekman -kddiekman@aol.com

Camp Venture Anyone?

This year, the Camp will be held from Saturday June 15th through Wednesday June 19th.  The cost is $620 per camper.  Updated info and forms are available from Concord Diablo Rotarian Beri Kasper at:  beri@kasperaccountancy.com   We can also send you the registration form if you prefer.  First come, First Served….and we only have 40 spots.  The Future of our Economy is in our youth’s Entrepreneurial Hands!

Camp Royal – New Camper Registration Process

Odyssey Teams in Chico, Lain Hensley’s group who have worked with the District at Camp Royal for many years, will be administering camper registrations this year. Details will be available at the district website as they are worked out.

Check out Lain Hensley on Fox News, talking about LN-4 Prosthetic Hands!  Click here!

 Rotarian in the Spotlight – Our new DGN! (2015 Governor) Who is it?  

Back to TOP

Who was born in Fall River, Mass, sold Coke for 28 years, has 4 kids, 5 grandkids, and a very gracious and understanding wife?  Click here to discover the identity of this Super Rotarian and our newest 5160 District Governor Nominee!
GADZOOKS! $100 Foundation Points for Quent Alexander at Walnut Creek Rotary

Eagle eyed Quent spotted the secret word in the article requesting clubs send in photos of their club banners. For his visual acuity he will receive $100 in Foundation points, courtesy Vic G.

This month It’s another drawing  for $100 in Foundation points courtesy Victor Georgiou. When you find the clearly marked word, put it in the subject line and email to news@rotary5160.org. Drawing winner will be notified in about two weeks. 

Like to travel? Good with detail? Hablas español? Foundation Cadre!

Foundation Cadre are a little known group of Rotarians who travel to foundation projects to assure that Rotary funds are properly spent. Michael Barrington of Concord Rotary has spoken to many clubs about his Cadre Activity.
If you think this might interest you, check out their newsletter.

Foundation – Kenya Smiles Vocational Training Team in July Approved

DG Laura sends a huge thank you to Sheila Hurst for her brilliant development and mangement of this huge undertaking which allows every Rotarian in the district to become a Global Grant Sponsor with a small donationSee the bookmark here!  And the Donation Card here!  To make a contribution to Kenya Smiles, please contact a Club President, or DG Laura Day, or write to: kenyasmiles@rotary5160.org.

The humanitarian portion of the original grant has been spun off into a separate application. This allows District 5160 to reach out to other Districts for their support to grow the overall size of the project

Polio National Immunization Day – India – February 

We are moving “towards a Polio-free world”!  Great RI story here!  Want to go along on an NID in India? Check out the following link to Howard Tours!

More Here – Contact Howard Tours at Travel@HowardTours.net to be added to the mailing list

Polio NID – Nigeria – February/March

More Here - This District 6440 project can take 16 volunteers and there may be openings

Polio Workers Killed in Pakistan

RI Trustee Ashok Mahajan has written a reply to DG Laura’s query about the safety of the Polio eradication efforts in Pakistan.  Read his letter to Laura here.

4 Way Speech Contest

Changes are happening in the ever-popular 4 Way Speech Contest.  Click here for the latest details!    


Reno Train Feb 12-14 

Registration is now closed.  Full Story and Flier Here

Rotary Global Peace Forum in Hawaii Jan 25-26

 Click Here for more Information

Rotarians at Work Day is April 27th!

Big news is here for our next RAWD!  Need a club project?  Governor Laura Day and Delta Force ADG Fred Ehler have a wonderful Rotarians at Word Day suggestion for us!  Check out this great 5160 sponsored project idea here!

Rotary International Photo Contest!  

 Do you have some great photos illustrating a Rotary story or service project?  Well, how about submitting it to RI’s photo contest?  The deadline for submissions is February 28th and the details are here!  Good luck! 

Key to Literacy

Key to literacy. More than 770 million adults worldwide do not know how to read! In an increasingly complex world, illiteracy condemns many of them to the lowest rungs of society.  Learn how Rotary is supporting basic education and literacy by watching the video

Rotaract in the News

East Bay Rotaract is very active in the SF Bay Area!  Check out their activities here!   Cal Rotaract also continues to be very busy!  Check out their activities here!

Help Wanted!

The Expression of Interest survery is in your email box. Special thanks to the early responders, whether you are focusing on your club this year or looking for a new challenge. It’s all good! 2013/14 District Governor Steve Lack’s team is largely in place but there some key openings plus many smaller ones. 2014/15 District Governor Pam Gray is just beginning to assemble her team. This months secret word is WOWZER! If you think you will have an interest in District activities in the next few years, please take a few moments to tell us your interests; there are no strings attached.


PR Banners Available to Clubs . . . Plus “it’s a Wrap”!

-  There are 11 large outdoor vinyl 4′ by 6′ banners, grommeted for easy hanging – one for each of the AG areas. See your AG to use at local events throughout the year!  Send us a photo of the banner at your event!


2)  Rotary Car Wraps are here!  Look for these “rolling billboards” to show up at your local events or contact Bill Randall to schedule visits.    Let us know if you have a vehicle you would like “Wrapped for Rotary”, too!  Share the joy of Rotary . . . Get Wrapped  
like  PDG Dave Dacus with his ride!  

Rotarymobile photos now on district Shutterfly account - Merci Dany Gregory - About District Photos

3)  Check out our public targeted web site at:  www.contactrotary.org                                                                                                                                                                             

2012 Rail & Water Tour

District 5160 is on the planned route of the fundraising and educational “Rotary Rail & Water Tour 2013″ for the dates March 29 to April 5. Please consider supporting this very special Rotary project. What do you need to do?  Read this and contact DG Laura Day!    

Mountain Foursters BACK TO TOP



The Rotary Club of Burney will have Pirates of the Caribbean Fireworks on February!  Watch out for Pirates!  

Plus, check out this great letter about wearing the Rotary Pin from RI President Sakuji Tanaka!

Craig Harrington has a new license plate on his RotaryMobile!  Check it out !

Support bacteria. They’re the only culture most people have.
Visit us at:  http://www.burneyrotary.org/ 


What’s going on with busy Dunsmuir Rotary?  Send us some news to use, folks! 

Visit us at  http://www.dunsmuirrotary.org/Dunsmuir_Rotary/Welcome.html 


Mt Shasta

Our Mt. Shasta Century Bicycle Ride is scheduled for June 3rd!  Get yourself in shape and join us then!  

- Visit us at  http://www.mtshastarotary.org/            


Weed Rotary is a busy club and does a whole lot more than pull weeds!  Send us some news to publish folks!

Visit our club at:  http://www.weedrotary.org/                     

North State Perfect Ten



Please join us at our Crab Feed this January 12th and our Wild Game Feed on March 16! 

Visit us at:  http://www.andersonrotaryclub.org/


Hey!  Hay!  Hayfork!  February 9

Trinity Fairgrounds Dining Hall, 6 pm
All you can eat as well as Clam Chowder

Check out our flier here

Please check out our Hayfork RC web site at:  http://www.hayforkrotary.org/  

Red Bluff’s Rotary Hero Retires!

Dr. James “Bud” Tysinger is retiring again, this time from his Red Bluff practice, to spend more time with his grandchildren and a ministry he helped found. “I’ve enjoyed Red Bluff and it’s been good to me, but I turned 70 in November so I’m ready to retire again,” Tysinger said.   Read the full story and the fabulous tribute from fellow Rotarians here.


Visit our club at:  http://www.redbluffrotary.org/

Red Bluff Sunrise 

This here cowboy feller is a-fixing to lasso-up some more news fer us, right y’all?  Yahoo!

Check us out at:  http://redbluffrotarysunrise.org/


Here are few of Redding Rotary’s accomplishments in the past six months:

-We have awarded the Honor to Youth Title to several young people for their community contributions
- Inducted nine (9) new Rotarians
- Purchased and delivered 250 food baskets at Thanksgiving
- Rang bells for the Salvation Army
- Adopted Families in partnership with NVCSS to buy Christmas gifts for the less fortunate
- Awarded around $10,000 in Scholarships
- Dedicated Rotarians have given 30 pints of blood to the blood bank to save lives
- The Environment Comm has been working diligently & our Stream Team continues the restoration at Henderson Open Space
- Named Sherrie Downard and Karen Stovall as Rotarians of the quarter

-And just had a program with the Redding Chief of Police who offers good advice on crime prevention here.

-Plus, here’s an update on our Global Grant #25573, the Kangaroo Mothers’ Initiative 

Visit our club at:  http://www.reddingrotary.org/  

Redding East 

Redding East is a great Rotary Club that does more than dump duckies in the river!  Send us some news we can use folks and we’ll publish your mighty doings here!

Redding Sunrise

Redding Sunrise is a fine Rotary Club and will soon share some exciting news with us at news@rotary5160.org !

Visit the club at:  http://www.reddingsunriserotary.com/

Redding Riverview Sunset

Get ready for our RRS Non-Salmon Salmon BBQ on April 13th! Details/explanation to follow!

RRSRC scored a $9,500 District 5160 Grant for their Robotic Surgical System project!  WTG!

Check out our web site at: http://www.riverviewsunsetrotary.com/ 

Redding West

Congratulations Sheila Hurst for prizewinning foto at Napa!

The Rotary Club of Redding West secured a $10,000 District Grant for their T.R. Woods Memorial project!  WTG, RWRC!

Sheila Hurst’s KENYA SMILES team has uploaded a couple of YouTube videos that might interest you!  SH is our Rotarian in the Spotlight this month.  Check her story out there!


Two YouTube Videos about Kenya Smiles are online:
Dental Care Backpacks for Children in Kenya: http://youtu.be/XtKu__8Ireg
Children of Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi, Kenya: http://youtu.be/NnsK4x2zauY


Visit them at:  http://www.reddingwestrotary.org/

Weaverville – Classic Film Fest Runs Until April

Classic Film Series which runs to April on the first Sunday of each month. 

Feb  3, 2013  Moonstruck

Mar 3, 2013  The Cowboys

Our Chinese New Years Celebration and Fundraiser will be held March 9th, 2013!Weaverville Rotary celebrates its 75th Anniversary on April 20th 2013 at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center. All Rotarians are invited to the wine/cheese reception and program that evening. More info and flyer coming.   

Visit our web site at:  http://weaverville.rotary5160.org/  

North Valley Flying Squirrels BACK TO TOP

 The Flying Squirrels have teamed up to to create a fantastic 8 Club Info Card to be passed out to prospective members and supporters at all their clubs’ events!  Check it with ADG Brian Gray for details!  See an enlarged pic here!


 With funds from a 2011-2012 District Grant, we recently completed a new 14-minute video, “Successful Rotary Humanitarian Projects: Lessons from the Mt. Kilimanjaro Region.” It can be viewed at www.RotaryForNorthernTanzania.org/lessons-learned.

 Want an Angry Birds T-shirt?  Check out this recent Chico Rotary program on Fifth Sun!

Visit them at:  http://www.chicorotary.com/

Chico Sunrise

Youth Exchange Student Lacy Christophersen reports from Neiva, Colombia  that “I am having the time of my life. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!”  Check out her letter and more pics here!

   Please check out our web site at:  http://www.rotarychicosunrise.org







Can you see the Rotary Light?  Durham RC sure can!  Pic here!                                                                  

- Durham Rotary is sponsoring 5160′s newest Rotaract Club at Chico State University!  WTG, DRC! 

-The Durham Crab Feed will be held on Saturday, January 26th at the Durham Veterans Memorial Hall on the Midway. $50.00 for all the fresh cracked crab and jumbo shrimp, salad, pasta, sour dough bread and cake you can eat. Cash Bar.  Please join us there!                                       


Visit us at:  http://orland.rotary5160.org/ 

Paradise Rotary Club

World Famous Paradise Crab Feed Saturday February 2 at the Vets Hall. What could be better than a dinner in Paradise? See any of our members to purchase tickets.


 Visit us at:  http://www.paradiserotary.com/           


    Visit Willows at:  http://willows.rotary5160.org/



Mid-Valley Crazy 8s BACK TO TOP


Capay Valley

Capay Valley presents a Shaken Baby Simulator to the health class at Cache Creek High School. Details here!   

Save your your “Good Luck Legs” to use at our Capay Valley Poker Run on April 6th!  

VIsit Capay Valley at:  http://www.capayvalleyrotary.com/ 


Don’t miss Davis Rotary’s BIG NIGHT  benefiting child abuse prevention
February 9 ~ El Macero Country Club
Flier Here  Announcement here

(Plus, save some room for our DRC BBQ on May 18!)


Please check out our web site at:  http://rotaryclubofdavis.com/

Davis Sunrise


Please check out our web site at:  http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Home.aspx?cid=3544

Davis Sunset

Pres Elect Charlie Swanson wins big at the Casino Night at Napa on Saturday Evening.


Visit Davis Sunset at:  http://davis-sunset.rotary5160.org/



Congratulations to Mike Kimes, the Winters November Rotarian of the month!   More about Mike here!   




 Don’t miss our Paella Dinner with live and silent auctions and hosted bar, only $40 per ticket

Saturday February 23 Woodland Rosary Community Center. FLIER HERE

See Les Engellmann for tickets lengellmann@sbcglobal.net

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.woodlandrotary.org/  



Woodland Luna Vista

See Ute Turner hangin’ with the home boys! .


Please check out our web site at:  http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Home.aspx?accountid=4973

Woodland Sunrise 

Woodland Sunrise RC secured a $7,500 District 5160 Grant for their St. John Retirement Home project!  

- Pretty whippy banner you folks have there, Woodland Sunrise

- Visit our web site at:  https://sites.google.com/site/woodlandsunriserotary/


Solano County BACK TO TOP


Be sure to join us for our Casino Nite on March 30th!

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.beniciarotary.org/



Cordelia – New Rotaract Club

Cordelia Rotary is the proud sponsor of the Rotaract Club of Solano! 

Plus, CRC President June Johnsen is a poet!  Proof here!

Cordelia RC’s Spring Extravaganza will be held on March 16th!  Please join us!

Kandy Kar with PDG Candy herself! 

Visit our web site at:  http://www.cordeliarotary.org/   




- Don’t forget the Dixon Annual Crab Feed, Saturday February 23rd 2013! See any member to purchase tickets.  Flier here.

Visit our web site at:  http://dixon.rotary5160.org/

Fairfield Suisun 

Come visit us at our new digs – KROC Center, 586 Widgeon Way, Suisun City   

 Tuesdays at Noon as always

Visit our web site at:  http://www.fairfieldsuisunrotary.com/

Fairfield Suisun Twilight

Fairfield Suisun Twilight hit it big with a $2,500 District 5160 Grant for Twilight Creating Smiles!  WTG!  

Rio Vista has New Meeting Place

Come join us at our new meeting place:                                                                      

The Poppy House, 15 Poppy House Road, Fridays at 7am
Here is the latest zany newsletter from the RIO Rotarians!

Fugitive Rio Vista Rotary Club Gavel surfaces on Liberty Island, NY!     

Our web site is here:  http://riovistarotary.org/


Solano Sunset – Our newest club




Don’t miss Vacaville Rotary’s Turtle Tidal Wave set for May 4th.  Details to follow!

Visit our web site at:  http://www.vacavillerotary.org/             

Vacaville Sunrise

Congratulations on your club’s sponsorship of a new Interact club at Vacaville Christian High School!

Check out Vacaville’s service projects and fund-raisers here.

Join us at our Vacaville Sunrise Run on May 18th!

Where’s Randy?  Look for this distinctive pickup truck!  President Randy Nelson’s new Rotary wrap is sure to turn heads as it cruises by!  

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.vacavillesunriserotary.org./


The Vallejo Rotary Club is a big supporter of local education. Check this out.  Plus, they are working on a really big story to share with us real soon at news@rotary5160.org !  Watch this spot for late-breaking news!  (Keep watching; it’s gonna happen I’m telling ya!)

Please check out our web site at:  http://www .vallejorotary.org/


Delta Force BACK TO TOP


Antioch Rotary supports the Interact Club at Libby-Dozier HS, the third grade dictionary program in the Antioch School District, and is currently hosting an exchange student!  WTG, Antioch RC!  So what’s new, Magoo?  

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.antiochrotaryclub.org/


Brentwoood Rotary secured a $1,500 District 5160 Grant for their US Map Project!  WTG!
Leggy Brentwood Rotarian and Delta Force AG Fred Ehler bravely led his grape-stomping brigade to victory at Napa!                                                                                                                            

Visit our web site at:  http://www.brentwoodcarotary.org/  


Delta Antioch

Delta Antioch has a sister city in Japan  Details here! 

Plus they are the home of some killer-diller BBQ!  What’s new with you, Magoo?

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.rotaryclubofthedelta.org/




  - Pittsburg joins 9 other local Rotary Clubs to help sponsor the RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic.  Details here. 

  Visit our website at:  http://www.pittsburgrotary.org/   Se Habla Espanol


District Newsletter saves BARSHEEP Interact fundraiser!  Amazing details here!


 We started planning a January 26 SockHop fundraiser / public relations opportunity. Two club members participated in an assessment of the Literacy (District Grant) project which Albany is co-sponsoring with the Berkeley Rotary Club. 

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.albanycarotary.org/


Busy Berkeley Rotary has done dictionaries, turkeys, scholarships, 15 new members, the Dalai Lama, Burmese orphanages, schools in Mexico and so, so much more!  Amazing details here!

- Berkeley Rotary secured a $12,000 District 5160 Grant for Rotary Life Literacy project!  

- Check out the Berkeley Rotary Mexico Project here!

 Visit our web site at: www.berkeleyrotary.org              

El Cerrito


 Visit our web site at:  http://www.elcerritorotary.org/



El Sobrante is 50 Years Young!  Happy Anniversary!

El Sobrante Rotary meets at La Revolucion with great food and tequila bar!  

ESRC holds big Fete to install new President and celebrate dental projects in Mexico and Ecuador!  Details here!

Please check out our web site at:  http://elsobrante.rotary5160.org/




Lots of stuff going on with Hercules RC, including their Crab Feed on January 5.   They are still meeting at the Senior Center and please check out their club calendar in their latest newsletter, The Powder Keg, here!  


The Rotary Club of Pinole meets at the Pear St. Bistro in historic old town Pinole! Good food and fun times!   Big “E” is a charter member of the club, too!  Don’t believe it?  Just do a make-up there and wait and see if the Mighty Hip Ein-y doesn’t drop by!   Please check out our web site at:  http://pinolerotary.org/



Richmond Rotary has been awarded a very intriguing $10,000 District 5160 Community Service grant to benefit the children of Richmond’s “Iron  Triangle”! Details here!   Check out RRC President Jim Young’s beautiful Iron Triangle powerpoint!  Here is Jim’s open letter for all those interested in the project with links to more info.

Plus, here is a “construction update” on the new Richmond RotaCare Clinic!  ”Please mark your calendars to join us for the grand opening of the RotaCare Richmond Free Medical Clinic at Brighter Beginnings on Thursday, February 21, 2013. There are nine District 5160 Rotary Clubs sponsoring the Clinic.  Construction and remodeling of the Clinic is almost completed and we expect to receive our license in December. We expect to officially open the Clinic to patients on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.”

Plus, please attend our Crab Feed on February 2nd at Salesian High School!  

Please check out our web site at:  http://richmondcarotary.org

San Pablo

San Pablo Rotary is a great club!  What’s going on there, folks?   Please don’t make us “hound you”!


Please check out our web site at:  http://sanpablorotary.clubwebsource.com/index.cfm?display=photoa 

Lamorinda Fab 5 BACK TO TOP

Please join us at our Fab 5 Inter-club meeting on February 6th!  It will be lots of fun, so don’t miss out!


Lafayette RC is a fun club!  What’s been happening lately, folks?  Send your copy and pics to news@rotary5160.org and we’ll publish it here!  Or maybe you’d all just rather we made up lots of crazy stuff on our own?

Please check out our web site at: http://www.rotarylafayette.org/


Lamorinda Sunrise

Lamorinda Sunrise Rotary is a great supporter of Youth Exchange. Check out these lucky kids

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.lamorindasunrise.org/



Don’t forget the Moraga Night at the Races Event 3/16/2013!  Here’s some wisdom from the Moraga Rotary RC newsletter!  Please check out our web site at:  http://www.moragarotary.org


Orinda Rotary is holding its annual Crab Feed on January 12th

Interested in studying law at JFK U?  Check out what Dean Barbiari has to say here!  

Jim Buckland gave us an interesting presentation on living with cancer.  Details here.

The program in memory of Dick Heggie will take place on January 16.  Details here

Read 93 year old Pearl Harbor Survivor Mickey Ganitch’s inspiring story here!


So, what exactly did happen with DG LD’s visit to Rossmoor?  It was a crazy party!  Details here!

Community Service Day project collects ten barrels of food and plenty of $ for the Contra Costa Food Bank!  Details here!

Rossmoor RC has a Blood Donation Awards Program directed toward youth!  Check out the whole story here!

Visit our web site at:  http://rossmoor.rotary5160.org/                  

Diablo Valley DV8s BACK TO TOP


The third annual Hike for SHELTER took on Mount Diablo to raise awareness and end homelessness for thousands of families in the county, raising $70,000.  The DV8 and Super 680 6 Clubs had members participate.  Story here!


Clayton Valley – Concord Sunrise

- CV/CS is a great club!  They have just established a Thrift Boutique to raise funds to help ease social transitions for former inmates of the prison system.  Details here!  

Plus, please participate in our CV and San Felipe Cancer Walk set for February 23rd!

- Visit our web site at:  http://www.claytonvalleyrotary.org/


Left – How’s this for a big honkin’ membership program!

Right - Congratulations Michael Barrington for the super photo entry!


Please check out our web site at:  http://www.concordcarotary.org/

Concord Diablo

 Our Christmast efforts were recognized in the December 31st column of the Good Neighbhors column by Faith Barnidge here!

What is the “Pickers Squadron’s” secret technique to get responses from their community?  Edi Birsan <edibirsan@astound.net> wrote:

This morning’s Concord Transcript in the CCTimes brought in three phone calls to my house with offers of fruit donations.
The key in listing the information on the Picker Squadron and I suspect now for ALL media outreach on projects and recruitment is to include a home phone number of someone who people can immediately call. People who READ newspapers are more likely to pick up a phone to talk to you than to sit down and write an email though I provide both in the ‘press releases’.


 Please check out our web site at:  http://cdrotary.org/

Diablo View

Here’s a nice write-up to turn a new member badge from red to blue!  Details here!  Check out our brand new project collecting “used crutches” for the needy!  Yep, it’s called “We have a leg to stand on” and the exciting details are here!

Please check out our web site at:  http://www.diabloviewrotary.com/  


The Rotary Club of Martinez is sponsoring a St. Patrick’s Day Bash set for March 16th!  All the glorious details here!

Please check out our web site at:  http://martinez.rotary5160.org/


Pleasant Hill

Congratulations Steve Lack for prizewinning foto at Napa! Sergeant at Arms – restrain that bubble blowing dude from disturbing that other gentleman’s peaceful lunch!

2013 District Governor Steve Lack, far right, shows off his just completed AdventureMobile, which we saw along with others at the District Conference in Napa.

PHRC sponsors 35 LN-4 prosthetic hands in Bangalore, India.  Details here!

 Please check out our web site at:  http://www.rotaryclubpleasanthillca.com/

Walnut Creek 

Please join us at our fun-filled all-you-can-eat CRAB FEED on Saturday January 26 at Center Concord in Concord. See any member to purchase tickets.

Quent Alexander picked up an easy $100 in Foundation Points by finding and reporting last month’s secret word GADZOOKS! The district is now positive that the bulletin has ONE avid reader!

Please check out our web site at:  http://walnut-creek.rotary5160.org

Walnut Creek Sunrise

Check out PDG Dave Dacus’ spiffy ride, but who are those curtain climbers on top?

Walnut Creek Sunise sponsors Interact Beanie Baby Project:  details here!

Upcoming Walnut Creek Sunise Rotary sponsored events are here. 


Please check out our web site at:  http://www.wcsunriserotary.org/                                  

Super 680 Six BACK TO TOP

Congratulations Larry Blair for Napa prizewinning foto depicting the Super 680-6 annual dictionary distribution which is now in progress – 2400 dictionaries for every third grader in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District!  Here are some facts behind this long-standing program.  Here are some comments by DG Laura Day and SRVUSD CRD Terry Koehne.  Bigger photo pic here!





 Alamo Rotary supported

Celebrations on the Bay‘s annual

cruise for disadvantaged kids.  

Story here!


  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Interact, officers of the Interact Club at Monte Vista High School  presented a $500 check for 50 Kenya Smiles dental kits to a very appreciative DG Laura Day and KS Team Leader Sheila Hurst. 

Please check out our web site at:  http://alamorotary.org/


Our Danville Rotary Crab Feed is set for March 16th!  It is always a sell-out, so see any member for advance tickets!

Our Danville Open Golf Tournament is set for June 3rd!  Better start tuning-up your swing now!


Please check out our web site at:  http://danvillerotary.org/   

Danville/Sycamore Valley

Danville Sycamore Valley RC will hold their Blackhawk Film, Food, and Wine Festival on May 9th!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous affair; contact any member for info.

Check out Danville/Sycamore Valley Rotary’s snazzy new tri-fold club brochure. Your club can do one too. Just check with PR Chair Bill Randall (Randall2u@astound.net) for the details.     

Please check out our website at: http://dsvrotary.com/

Dougherty Valley 

Dougherty Valley’s 2nd Annual Holiday Party and Toy Drive Dec were proclaimed a great success by the Consuming Committee and Drinking Committee. At right – Marines were there for the Toy Drive, new Scout Troop 996 is sponsored by the club.

Plus, check out how serious about community service we are!

And, if you are getting too many emails, click here!
Visit our web site at:  http://dougherty-valley.rotary5160.org/

San Ramon

 Twelve, count em, twelve (sorry, no foto use your imagination) golfers from San Ramon Rotary at the tournament in Napa, every single one of them as happy as PDG Stan Smalley, show here with Ute Turner from Luna Vista and PDG Karl Diekman from Woodland.

Visit our web site at:  http://sanramonrotary.org/   


San Ramon Valley – Scotch and Cigars 

Who knew? Wise Guys at SRV’s fabulous Scotch and Cigar Event! “I’m gonna offer you a 35 year old Scotch you can’t refuse!”

A big round of applause to Valerie Munoz for a fantastic job of keeping all those District Conference registrations on track from start to finish – a HUGE job, and she’s still smiling!



The Last Word BACK TO TOP


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