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Dear Club President,

This to inform you that the District has decided not to renew the
District group medical/accident policy covering Interact, Rotaract, and
Rotary’s youth programs. It expired February 9. You may explore as a club
securing an insurance policy directly if you desire such protection for
your youth program participants in Interact or Rotaract, or if you want
such insurance for RYLA (Camp Royal) and Youth Exchange scholars whom you
have participate in your club’s service, fundraisers, or Rotary club

Please be sure to inform your youth program leaders. The District will
also be doing so through the District leaders in each of those programs,
but we do not always have the names of the club leaders in each local

If you circulated the insurance policy to the youth’s parents, you should
also inform the parents.

Fred Collignon
District Youth Programs Coordinator

Fred Collignon
Rotary Club of Berkeley
District Governor 2016-17


Covered Insureds: Registered participants and or volunteers who participate in sponsored events.  These events must be sponsored by the rotary club

All participants and volunteers are required to be on file with the policyholder as in the event of a claim, the claims examiner will contact the club to verify eligibility.

IF the rotary club sends it’s members to camps to participate in the camp activities, the members are not eligible for coverage because they are participating in events not sponsored by the rotary club.

We can endorse the policy for an additional premium if registered participants and or volunteers decide to travel out of the US.


The Accident Medical Expense benefit is $25,000 per person per accident with $100 deductible.    There is no aggregate on the Accident Medical Expense benefit.

The AD&D benefit is $10, 000 per person with no deductible .
There is $100K aggregate limit per accident.

For example, if there is a roof collapse and there are 10 victims died of injuries.  The policy will pay $100K AD&D benefit for this loss which will be divided among the 10 victims.  If there are more than 10 victims, then the $100K benefit will be divided equally.

Rating Basis
Interact – 4,000, Rotaract – 800, Camp Venture – 45, Youth Exchange ‐25, Youth Funded Scholarships ‐ 200

Accident Medical and AD&D Summary_2017

Rotary District 5160 – 99081442 Chubb Policy