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Certificate of Insurance

~ INSURANCE CERTIFICATES - Updated August 2017

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If you know your DADdb log in, the ID and PW are in a SECURE FILE AT THIS LINK
Or send a message requesting Insurance password here.

For more information on the insurance program, visit Rotary.org or simply google “rotary insurance certificate” and choose an item from Rotary.org

This is the 2017 letter:

2017-18 and 2018-19 U.S. Rotary Club Officers:
This message will provide you with basic information about the U.S. Rotary Club and District Liability Insurance Program (“Program”), which can save your club money and time when planning fundraising events and projects.  Please access the online Portal (see below) for additional information.The Program provides all U.S. Rotary clubs and districts with general liability (GL) and directors’ & officers’/employment practices liability (D&O/EPL) insurance.  It is paid for by U.S. Rotarians in the July club invoice and has been in existence since 2001.

Insurance Information Portal (Portal): www.locktonportal.com/sites/rotary/resources

If you know your DADdb log in, the ID and PW are in a SECURE FILE AT THIS LINK

Note: Username and password are case-sensitive.  The portal is for U.S. Rotary club/district use only. Please share this information with those in your club, but avoid posting it in places (including unsecured club web sites) where it is easily accessible by outside parties.Tip:  For best compatibility, use Chrome (do not use Internet Explorer)


The Portal includes information on:

  • Certificates of insurance that can be easily downloaded
  • Insurance policies and summaries (what is covered, what is excluded)
  • Loss Control Guidelines – tips and resources to assist your club in planning safe and successful events/activities
  • Common insurance questions and concerns (FAQ, PowerPoint presentation)

Certificate of Insurance 
Obtaining a certificate of insurance is a self-service function with instructions available on the Portal. If there are problems in obtaining the certificate, please contact Lockton broker.  If you need an additional insured endorsement please send an email to Lockton (rotary@lockton.com) along with a copy of your agreement.
Incident Reporting 
As soon as you are aware of an incident that could result in a claim or lawsuit, please report it to Risk Management at claims@rotary.org. The Incident Report form is available on the Portal. If your club is served with a lawsuit, please contact RI Risk Management immediately.

Rotary Risk Management

Contact Information 

Insurance Broker

Rotary Risk Management

Lockton Carol Dietz,Assistant Risk Manager Julita Brzozowska,Risk Manager Katie Rabs,Risk Management Specialist Jodi Steel,Claims Manager
(800) 921-3172 (847) 424-5245 (847) 424-5394 (847) 866-4494 (847) 866-3125




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