DB Log On

Clubs are encouraged to adopt the the district database at www.DaCdb.com (acronym District and Club data base) as your primary membership recordkeeping tool.

  • Training is available
  • Data entered in DaCdb automatically rolls up to RI and District – one entry does it all.
  • Members have access to all club information behind a password, can update their own data


Database login: Members may update their own information

The new district database is at this link OR on the home page of the district website


Your initial database ID is your email address on record.

Your initial database password is your Rotary ID
Club number needed for editing
Log In Screen

Log In Screen

Member Record

Member Record

At the first log in you will be prompted to change your password
If you are unable to log in for any reason or unable locate all your information contact
Claire Arano @ carano47@hotmail.com
Victor Georgiou @  victor20@pacbell.net