Page managed by e-Guy, with input from District Treasurer Lynn Jepsen –  November 2018 update


  • TWO (2) invoices in July 2018 and ONE (1) invoice in January 2019
            JULY – TWO Invoices – RI (twice a year) and Rotary District 5160 (once a year)
           JANUARY – One Invoice: Rotary International


1- Rotary International dues, fees, and subscriptions add to about $76 per year, billed in July and January.

  • On an annual basis current dues are $56.00 -going up $4.00 a year for about two more years
  • Council on Legislation Exp:  $1.50
  • The Rotarian $12.00
  • Insurance $6.04

2- District Dues are paid once a year in July
2018-19 dues are $52 per year based on membership as billed by RI on the July Invoice.
Please submit a copy of the RI Invoice with your District payment to confirm your club’s membership.

Hosting Costs for District Hosted CLUB  Websites, $60 per year, are due concurrent with member dues but billed separately

District Dues Self-Billing Form

Please make checks payable to Rotary District 5160 and mail to:

Lynn Jepsen, Treasurer
1945 Hackett Dr
Woodland CA 95776

RI Dues Statement