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Rotary District 5160

HAPPY THANKSGIVING for all the things you say and do!

Thanksgiving has become a daily event for me here are just a few reasons: 47 Club visits with 100′s of new friends 24 more to go to get to know 100′s more Your Random Acts of Kindness helping people in our communities and the world daily Eradication of a disease forever Supporting our Youth, our future There are so many more……. I believe if we have been fortunate to be successful, how lucky can we be just to live in this...

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Here is a letter we received for the generous contributions you all generated last year. Our District was #1 in Zone 25 in the total contributions to the Rotary Annual Fund, $621,000 from our 71 Clubs. My hope is that we can continue to support the Rotary Foundation going forward. I believe that if we have been successful in our lives, and how successful can we be just to live in our great communities, we have a responsibility to give back to...

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