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Rotary District 5160

41 of 71 Club Visits done with Hope of never Ending

It’s hard to describe but, the thought of only 30 visits left should be time for celebration. The feeling is, have we accomplished making this just a little better for the next group of Club Presidents to continue the success of Rotary in the Community and the World. The Challenges that we have attempted to accomplish are: #1 Engage our existing and new members in community service, since that is why they want to be Rotarians. #2 Have...

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I Hit the Jackpot … Rotary Club of Corning meets at the Rolling Hills Casino

92 days as District Governor meeting #30 with the Rotary Club of Corning meeting at the Rolling Hills Casino. What another Great Club full of committed Rotarians. Of course after the meeting spent a little time , guess where, in the casino before heading to Redding. After about 30 minutes thinking as usual, I just can’t ever win….. WOW was I wrong!! I have been so lucky to have been winning everyday for the past 92 days meeting the...

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