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OwariImageIt is with a heavy heart that Rotary District 5160 announces the passing of Rotary International President-elect Sam Owori. Owori passed away on July 13, 2017 after complications from surgery.
Owori was a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala, Uganda. He joined Rotary in 1978, and served as District Governor in Uganda, working tirelessly to engage women within Rotary, as well as youth participants, alumni, and community members.
Owori was CEO of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda. Before that, he was executive director of the African Development Bank, and served in managing roles with the Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd. and Uganda Development Bank. He had studied law, employment relations, business management, corporate resources management, microfinance, and marketing at institutions in England, Japan, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the U.S., including Harvard Business School.
Beyond serving as Governor of District 9200, Owori had served in a number of positions within Rotary, including regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, regional membership coordinator, and RI director. He also served as the Rotary Representative to the United Nations Environment Program and UN-Habitat. He also served as member or chair of several committees, including the International PolioPlus Committee, the Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force, and the Audit Committee. Most recently, Owori served as trustee of The Rotary Foundation. He also served as chair of The Rotary Foundation’s Finance Committee, and a member of the Investment Committee.
Owori is survived by his wife, Norah, their three adult sons, and three grandchildren. Final arrangements are pending.



MAKING A DIFFERENCE. July is the beginning of a new Rotary year, with changing leadership, but a continuing focus in all our clubs for making a difference in our communities and the world. Rotary International President, Ian Riseley’s, theme for 2017-2018 is “making a difference”, and I would like to further challenge you and your clubs that there is NO LIMIT to what we as Rotarians can do.

It all begins with YOUR club, YOUR members and YOUR leadership. The beginning of the new year is the time for your Club to think about the amazing differences you are already making and then also look toward new directions and paths you may want to take. As you think about your club, reflect on why YOU are in Rotary.

In Rotary throughout the world, we know why our members join – for fellowship and a chance to serve our communities. And we know we stay for the same reasons plus we are proud to be part of an organization that is making a difference in the world. We are people of action.

The strength of our organization begins with friendship. We get together with people who may be of diverse backgrounds, interests, and beliefs but with the common value of service above self. The great strength of District 5160 is not only the diversity within each Club’s membership but there is diversity throughout the cities and towns and the clubs within those communities. Our clubs all have their own identities and unique culture. This is an exciting time to be a Rotarian as each Club has more flexibility in their operations to make sure each Club can focus on the best ways for our members to get together for friendship and service.

As leaders in our communities, Rotary members are making a difference when we get together and exchange ideas not only within the Club but with others in our local communities. We also join other Rotarians at District Area Meetings, District Training at Assemblies, Seminars and the District Conference and at the Rotary International Convention. We learn from our fellow Rotarians, or just as important, share our great projects or what makes our clubs great. We partner with others in our communities to make a difference.

Together, your actions make a greater difference. As a Rotarian, you can be proud of what you are doing within your communities and throughout the world because we are recognized as people of action, giving us visibility and encouraging partnerships. You have seen this in your local communities and you see this on the Rotary.org website, on the internet, and in the news.

Be proud to be a Rotarian. We are people of action. We make a difference. And there is no limit to what you and your Club can do to make a difference.

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Gary Vilhauer
District Governor 2017-18